To access this area, take Forest Service 52 out of Crown King. Overview: Unit 20C supports a healthy mountain lion population as do much of the central Arizona units. Visibility is dependent on which side of the canyon you are on. 1981 Commerce Center Circle Ste A. Prescott, Arizona 86301. Both turn to slime with a little rain and can be dangerous if hauling a trailer. Arizona Over-The-Counter Mule Deer Hunts. Crown King area will bounce back as soon as it greens up. While many would believe that this Southwestern state is nothing but desert, Arizona’s ecosystem is perfect for a variety of wildlife. From the North: Ironsprings Road, Senator Hwy The bottom line — you may have to wait almost a quarter of your life to get a tag to go hunting in Arizona. Check the current regulations to see which other units are combined with Unit 20A and reference the notes associated with the Limited Opportunity hunts. It is a good idea to obtain a Forest Service map of the area and let someone know where you'll be camped. West – Crooks Canyon is located east of Wagoner Road and the Forest Road 94 junction. to Iron Springs Rd., west and south on the Iron SpringsSkull Valley-Kirkland Junction Rd. Habitat type: prickly pear cacti, pinyon pines, and scrub oak. It's likely - we are currently in the process of evaluating some additional information and have requested data from the state of California. If you stay on Forest Road 56 will take you to Forest Road 64 (Copper Basin Road), and you can come out at Skull Valley. Unit 20A turkey populations have been augmented with several translocations and recent forest management activities have benefited this species as well. Habits Mule deer are active primarily in mornings, evenings and moonlit nights. Elk, Javelina, Mountain Lion, Mule Deer, Tree Squirrel, Quail, Merriam’s Turkey. Continue south five miles to the signed intersection. Deer Elk Mountain Lion Sheep Regulations. Arizona OTC Mule Deer Opportunity Hunts are the Best Kept Secret Trophy Mule Deer Hunt in the West! Be aware that within the forest boundaries are parcels of private land. There is not a rock or hill in that unit that I have not climbed on. This leads to a five-point intersection that is signed with directions to Big Bug Mesa. South – Cellars Basin is located in the southwest portion of the unit. Mule deer are found on all terrains from the low southern deserts to high forested northern and eastern mountains. 20a has a lot of deer but can get pretty thick where they live. Mule deer are found unit wide, however, deer densities are higher in the mid-elevation deserts to the Ponderosa Pine forests in the northern portion of the unit. This gland does not need to be cut out because it comes off with the skin. Overview: The turkey population in Game Management Unit 20A is relatively stable. Burn Areas Last 10 yrs. 2009 presented several problems for deer in 20B including one of the hottest summers recorded in Arizona history and a disappointing amount of rain from the monsoon. If you can't find anything suitable for glassing up on top, then try your hand at glassing along the boundaries of the unit. 384,256 acres. Arizona offers the eager bowhunter a few options for hunting. This will take you north approximately 5 miles. Arizona elk hunting outfitter, Arizona mule deer hunting, Sonoran mule deer hunt coues, whitetail deer, elk hunt and big horn sheep. This area can be accessed at the junction of Highway 89 and Walden Road in Wilhoit. Arizona does an amazing job of balancing opportunity with quality as it manages the legendary Kaibab Plateau. to Cordes, from Cordes southeast to I-17 (Exit 259); north on the southbound lane of I-17 to AZ Hwy 69; northwest on AZ Hwy 69 to junction of U.S. Hwy 89 at Prescott; except those portions that are sovereign tribal lands of the Yavapai-Prescott Tribe. Camelbak Cleaning Kit with 2 Cleaning Tablets, Banded RX-X 1.5 Breathable Insulated Waders, Badlands Beast of Burden (B.O.B) Freighter Frame Backpack. They can be found in ponderosa pine forests, but are generally found in higher densities at lower elevations. Arizona Mule Deer Organization Yesterday at 12:57 PM What a great day for wildlife! Keep your hydration system clean and functioning the way it should with the help of CamelBak's Cleaning Kit. Two of them go to game waters that are utilized by quail. Javelina blend in well with their surroundings and when not moving they are hard to detect. Thank you for supporting our mission programs! Camping within the Prescott Basin is limited to dispersed camping with a limit of 7 days. My favorite would have to be the archery only spring hunt, which spans almost the entire month of January. West – Hassayampa River is located southeast of Wilhoit. Drought in 2018 reduced populations somewhat. This gives hunters the opportunity to hunt different units due to the nomadic nature of the elk populations. Description. Turkeys occupy higher elevation areas in the Bradshaw Mountains south of the Prescott area. It’s a 7 day hunt and we had 4 days to get it done with our work schedules. During the fall archery hunt, and during mild weather conditions for the rifle hunt, many deer are in the Ponderosa pine habitat on top of Mingus Mountain and in the juniper habitat on the sides of Mingus Mountain. Follow Forest Road 682 to Forest Road 682B. Take State Route 177 to Forest Road 202 and go south to the creek. Unit 20A is combined with several other units in one of the “Multi-Unit” Limited Opportunity elk hunts. Quail populations fluctuate in direct proportion to the amount of rainfall. Overview: Javelina are widely distributed throughout Unit 20A. Gebhart will engage directly with MDF’s chapters in Arizona to support their fundraising and on-the-ground conservation efforts. Dates: Approximately Last weekend in October.Mid-November, and Unit 20A is currently managed to maintain a limited number of elk far below the carrying capacity of the unit and to minimize conflicts on private land. Everything you need to plan your Arizona hunting trips for 2020. Camping is allowed on Forest Service lands throughout the unit. If you are looking to hunt common game like quail, deer and turkey, Arizona can provide prosperous hunting. North on State Route 259 to Forest Road 9218B. Load More. Hunters in the high elevations need to move slowly and locate trails that show sign of use. Because of the vegetation, visibility is poor, and you should glass open areas often. Prescott, Mayer, Skull Valley, Cordes Junction, Major Highways and Roads Leading To New 2019 – Per Arizona State Law, while hunting it is illegal to discharge an arrow or bullet within ¼ mile of any residence or occupied building. Go south of Cordes to State Route 59, west to Cleator and Forest Road178. It is accessed from Highway 89 and Wagoner Road, 12 miles south on Wagoner Road to Forest Road 682. Sort by. Mule deer can be found in most areas throughout the unit, although densities vary significantly. Areas: Pre-season scouting is important in locating birds and areas of activity. Effective use of optics will save a person a lot of walking. The success and quality of your hunt will likely increase with the distance from your vehicle and roads.